Sunday, December 04, 2005



Two bits of good news this weekend. Since yesterday I've gotten word of two short story sales, "Last" to the John Scalzi-edited issue of Subterranean Magazine, and "Eventide" to Peter Crowther for his forthcoming DAW anthology Forbidden Planets.

we'll be sharing table of contents in Subterranean :-)
Kick ass!
Hey, cool! Congrats, man. I'll be in there too, though with a piece of non-fiction.

What's the theme of Forbidden Planets?
JJA: Hey, that's cool you're onboard, as well!

As for Forbidden Planets, it's intended to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the film by the same name (albeit in the singular). Here's how Pete described it in the invitation: "a whole book filled to the brim with tense tales of exciting other-worldly exploration, grisly alien retribution and human comeuppance . . . and all at the hands (or other appendages) of strange creatures, various dastardly and wayward humans hell-bent on some nefarious plan or possibly even at the whim of a planet itself." It should be a lot of fun, I think!
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