Thursday, December 29, 2005


Fourteen the Ditch

Jeff Ford, a class act and a hell of a guy, has listed his favorite reads of 2005, and his list intersects with mine in two spots, Bowes's From the Files of the Time Rangers and Jess Nevins's Fantastic Victoriana, which are the only two books in his list I've read. (I'm halfway through Magic for Beginners and liking it, and I've read the first page of Vellum, but those'll have to wait for next year's list of favorite books, I suppose). I still can't believe my good fortune in getting to publish Jess's encyclopedia (or his LOEG companions, for that matter), but some other publisher's loss is my gain, and I'm not about to complain.

(Oh, and the name of Jeff's LJ is actually "One for the Ditch," a play on having "one for the road" when the only place you're likely to drive is into a ditch; but it's a gag that, so far as I know, no one has been able to get without having Jeff explain it to them. Everyone sees that 1 and 4 as 14 and doesn't look back. He's a tricky one, that Ford.)

Wow, so THAT'S what it means. I even saw it as "14th edit ch." Never quite knew what the final ch was for...
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