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I just received my contributor copy of the No. 10, 2005 issue of the Russian SF magazine, ESLI, which contains a translation of my story "O One." I have no idea who the other contributors are, and only managed with Allison's help to puzzle out that "Крис РОБЕРСОН" was "Chris Roberson" in Cyrillic characters, which means that "О, ЕДИНСТВЕННЫЙ!" is "O One" (or so we assume; and we couldn't help but notice that is a lot of characters to spell out the word "one"). The full line up is here, and the Russian text of my story is here.

I've sold foreign language reprint rights to "O One" to a few different markets, and have been meaning to submit some of my other stories, but never seem to find the time. If more of these foreign magazines sent their contributor copies packaged like this, though, I'd more quickly find the time. Finding this in my mailbox was like receiving a parcel from the nineteenth century: butcher paper, twine, and glue!

Babelfish translates "ЕДИНСТВЕННЫЙ" as "only," and a Google search turns up this dictionary entry:

1. _a. едИнственный; an only son едИнственный сын; one and only одИн едИнственный; уникАльный

So the story's title in translation is something like "O, Only One!"
Foreign translations are fun, ain't they, Chris? I remember the surreal thrill I got when I first saw the Romanian translation of my Walter Jon Williams interview. Or the time I got the query for Estonian language rights to one of my shorts...
Ted, thanks for the tip. I tried looking it up on Wiktionary, but all I turned up was that it was a derivative of "one." Can't imagine why it didn't occur to me to try Babelfish, or Google for that matter, but what really amazes me is that I didn't try any of the translation tools I used in writing the Russian bits of Paragaea. It's only been since May that I finished work on the book, and I've already forgotten that I had to translate hundreds of Russian words and phrases in writing it?! (I guess that my brain hasn't started working again, after all!)
Jayme, it's long been a goal of mine to be published with umlauts. But with the Cyrllic alphabet? I never even dared to dream!
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