Thursday, November 10, 2005


The Georgia Dance

I promised Sharyn I'd shoot some video of my daughter dancing, and so here it is. The file is an enormous 10 Mb QuickTime mov, and definitely only for those with broadband and a burning desire to see a 20 month old cut a rug. But if that's you, well, this is for you.

Awwww! Wow, she's grown since WorldCon last year! She's so cute! Evan loves to dance, too. We should get them together sometime. They'd be so adorable!

(You'd like it for the next ten years or so, at which point you'd be saying, "Get your son away from my daughter!" ;-))
Go Georgia! Go Georgia!

I'm going to geek out for a moment and say that with her foot-stomping you should dress her as Gorgon (of the Inhumans) next Halloween.

Very cute.
Yeah, she's pretty damned cute, isn't she?
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