Thursday, November 17, 2005


Doctor Who "mini-episode" online

For those who enjoyed the first season of the new Doctor Who on the BBC (or however else one might have contrived to see it...), this should come as good news. From Outpost Gallifrey:

"The BBC's website for the Children In Need charity event notes that the special Doctor Who mini-episode being broadcast on Friday 18 November after 9pm will be available for viewing on the web for an undefined period at this website starting the same evening at 9:30pm. There is currently a trailer available on the website."
I know where I'm going to be tomorrow night (or tomorrow afternoon, I suppose, since these times are presumably GMT).

Oh, yeah. You will not be alone. Here's hoping the new guy rocks at least half as much as Eccleston did.
Based on the little I've seen so far of Tennant, Didi, I'm holding out hope.
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