Wednesday, October 05, 2005


New Review

Strange Horizons has posted Mahesh Raj Mohan's review of Here, There & Everywhere. Interestingly, Mohan's one criticism involves the same section which Nisi Shawl earlier criticized. I think I must have gaffed that section pretty seriously, as both reviewers took away from it something I hadn't intended. Maybe I'll do a short story with Roxanne at some point, to take another stab at the idea I was trying to communicate.

Mohan concludes his review:

Aside from that criticism, I found the book fun on several levels. Roberson seasons the tale with many pleasant tips of the hat to old masters like Heinlein and Bradbury, but the ending is pure, nonironic SF that evoked Clarke and Asimov for me. Roberson is a gifted fantasist (his exceptional short story "O One" from Live Without a Net proves he ain't no one-trick pony) and I certainly look forward to his future stories. Here, There, & Everywhere can be enjoyed as a breezy and light-hearted adventure, an excellent entry in the "Many Worlds" time-travel canon, and a sober examination of loneliness. I recommend it.


Hey, Chris, I look forward to reading that future story. :-)
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