Monday, October 17, 2005



Last night David Moles posted about installing MediaWiki, and using it as a way of keeping track of various and sundry notes, fragments, and ideas. I think this is a splendid notion, and it's one I wish I'd stumbled across before diving into Fire Star, which covers just over one thousand years in its ten chapters, features several dozen characters and action set on three continents and two planets. As this is the first in an alternate history sequence, future installments of which may be set within time periods covered in Fire Star, I may go ahead and work up a Celestial Empire wiki, once the present novel is done, just to use for future reference. If nothing else, having a single place to keep track of all of the character names, keyed off of my (insanely detailed) timelines, would be worth the price of admission. I've run into snags trying to set up SQL databases before, since I lost most of my technical fu years ago (I'm a fair hand at html these days, but that's about as far as it goes), and I don't know nothing about no Apache, but it looks like there's a fair amount of hand-holding FAQs online, so maybe I'd be able to pull it off.

INstall PM Wiki, it's frigging easier than crap. It took me 30 seconds, involves nothing complicated.
Thanks for the tip, Tobias. I'll check it out. I'm all about easy!
Yeah, you just upload the files, create a folder called wiki.d that sits with them and chmod 777 it. It's far easier than media wiki and even tiki wiki, which was the easist sql wiki install I've tinkered with.
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