Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Free Snark

I knew that had made a deal with the Henson folks to start doing this at some point, but didn't realize they'd already started. Thankfully, Tobias Buckell was there to point the way.

Some pretty amusing Post-Henson, Post-Richard Hunt, Statler and Waldorf (performed by Steve Whitmire and Dave Goelz, respectively), doing snarky Ebert-and-Roeper-esque movie reviews, featuring little bits of Pepe the King Prawn that are worth the download time. And hey, they're free!

My favorite bit so far is Waldorf, speaking about the metafictional nature of the recent Bewitched, where the actors in a film-remake of the tv series assay the roles of actors in a film-remake of the tv series: "It's a case of art imitating... well, something horrible."

It's really good stuff, isn't it? :-)
Surprisingly so!
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