Friday, June 10, 2005



Thanks to the good folks at the Muppet Central website comes the news that the special edition DVD of first season of The Muppet Show is slated for a August 9th release. Since Georgia discovered Sesame Street earlier this year, we've been watching a lot of Muppet film and television material, and I've rediscovered just how talented Henson and his crew were (and still are, if shows like Bear in the Big Blue House are any indication).

"The four-disc collection will hold all 24 season one episodes along with a great collection of bonus features and other goodies that Muppet fans will love. The video is reportedly transferred from their original British (PAL) tapes. Aside from getting a beautiful transfer and mastering of the video like never seen before, the episodes are unedited and will contain the UK skits. It has been reported that Disney worked to secure the needed character and music rights needed to keep the episodes intact."

I've recently learned that nearly all the Muppet back catalog of DVDs and CDs, from before their acquisition by Disney, has gone out of print, including The Muppet Movie, which can't be got for love or money (and which has even gone missing from Netflix's stock). By the time Georgia is old enough really to enjoy this stuff, I want to make sure she's got it available for her, so I've already preordered both the first season of The Muppet Show on DVD and the DVD set of the first season of Fraggle Rock.

My tendency towards obssessive research has reared its head again, naturally, and I've been boring Allison with all sorts of trivia about which Muppeteer provided the voice for which character in which season of Sesame Street, which characters disappeared years ago, never to be heard from again (Sam the Robot, anyone?), and so on.

Now, if the Sesame Workshop (formerly the Children's Television Workshop, prior to their buying out all the Sesame-related Muppets from the Hensons) could arrange for DVDs of old Sesame Street episodes, starting at the beginning and working forward, we'd be in business.

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