Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Amazing Screw-On Head

I'm not sure if this has been announced previously or not, but it's news to me. Mike Mignola's other comic, "The Amazing Screw-On Head," is coming to a television near you soon. Details at Sci Fi Wire.

What I respect is that they manage to make the plot sound rather pedestrian, given the nature of the book: "Set in the Civil War era, Screw-On Head centers on the exploits of a robot secret agent (Giamatti), who works in secret at the service of Abraham Lincoln and battles those who threaten our civilization." All true, to a point. But it tends to obscure the fact that the robotic secret agent is just a "screw-on" head, and that his adventures are little bits of Dadaist genius. I'm heartened that Bryan Fuller, creator of the excellent Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, is onboard as executive producer and scripter. This could actually be good.

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