Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Sidewise Awards

Plokta News Network has just announced the nominees for this year's Sidewise Award for Alternate History. They are:

Short Form
"The Ashbazu Effect," by John McDaid
"Five Guys Named Moe," by Sean Klein
"The Gladiator's War: A Dialogue," by Lois Tilton
"The Heloise Archive," by L. Timmel Duchamp
Ministry of Space, by Warren Ellis
"Red Hands, Black Hands," by Chris Roberson

Long Form
The Plot Against America, by Philip Roth

I thought Ministry of Space was splendid, and I'm glad to see comics work getting recognition from awards traditionally given only to prose work. I'm also not too humble to say that I'm pleased to see "Red Hands, Black Hands" on the list.

Interesting that there's only one nominee on the long form list. The press release on Plotka points out "This doesn’t indicate the nominee will win, as the judges may elect to present no award in the category." Well, that's a fifty-fifty chance, right? With one nominee up against "No Award," it'll either win or it won't. But then, isn't that the way it is with every nominee, no matter now many there are? One, five, or a hundred, every nominee either wins or it doesn't.

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