Monday, May 09, 2005


Book People

Flipping through the latest Publisher's Weekly I was delighted to come across the article proclaiming Austin-based independent BookPeople as "Bookseller of the Year." It should come as no surprise, since they're a first rate outfit, and deserve the nod. I was, however, surprised to see my name in the article:

The booksellers get high marks from Chris Roberson, publisher of Monkeybrain Books, who noted, "They are a very thoughtful and persistent promoter of everything good, everything Texas and everything Austin. It's a great store."

I was interviewed for a piece in one of PW's daily BEA updates, and at the end was asked for my opinion on BookPeople, but assumed that the interviewer was doing a piece for one of the local papers, not collecting quotes for a PW piece. Very cool.

In related news, John Picacio and I will be doing a signing (and reading, perhaps?) at Book People on May 19th. More information, including times and directions, can be had here.

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