Saturday, March 12, 2005


"The Bridget Jones of time travelers"

Review of Here, There & Everywhere in South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Actually, Bridget Jones' Diary *was* one of the things I read when preparing to write the expanded version of Roxanne's story (the other was Frederick Kohner's Gidget, the book that inspired the movies and television series; the relationship between Gidget and her father, itself inspired by Kohner's with his own daughter, was a significant influence on the relationship between Roxanne Bonaventure and her father). The reviewer has loads of nice things to say about the first half of the story, where most of the relationship stuff is, and not as much about the second half, where a lot of the science fiction happens.

Still, I think "the love child of H.G. Wells and Helen Fielding" is about as apt a description of H,T&E as I've heard yet.


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