Thursday, February 17, 2005


Message in a Bottle

I come from a long line of late adopters. My parents refused to have an answering machine in their house for years, and even after succumbing to the lure of the "machine," they steadfastly refused to add Call Waiting to their phone service for another several years, forcing their children to endure endless busy signals when trying to phone home on the weekends. They tried internet access at the house for a while, but it didn't really take, and in the end they decided they'd just use it at the office and let that be an end to it.

So you can hardly blame me for being one of the last people at the blogging party. I come by it honestly.

Seeing as we're already half a decade into the new century, I figured I might as well try to catch up with the end of the 20C, and start up an online journal of my own. Here, on Interminable Ramble, I'll mostly be writing about writing, and about those things that affect my writing--but, considering that virtually everything I encounter ends up in my writing in one form or another, so that's a pretty broad field. I'll probably end up ranting occasionally about things that I've read, or TV shows and movies I've enjoyed (or otherwise), or things about publishing in general. Of course, there's every chance that this will end up one of those blogs or journals that are updated once or twice in the early weeks, and then months and months pass before another update is seen again, if ever. Then again, I might update the damn thing hourly. Who knows?

In any case, this is the inaugural post, and we'll see where things go from here. Truly a message in a bottle, written at this point without any notion whether anyone will read it or not.

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